A Blind Image Adaptive Watermarking Scheme for Audio Using Wavelet Transform


In this paper, we present a novel algorithm for robust audio watermarking in image using wavelet transform based on an image texture. The algorithm is based on decomposition of images using Daubechies wavelet basis. The technique proposed in this paper resolves the problem of severe distortion caused by watermarking audio in an image by developing a scaling function that achieves maximum robustness and transparency prior to its embedding. The property of texture is used as a criterion to identify the target area for embedding the watermark. The security of the algorithm is enhanced by performing a random permutation of the watermark. The random arrangement of the indices serves as a secret key. This technique is a blind watermarking scheme and the extraction procedure can be performed without the original host image.The experimental results demonstrate that watermark is imperceptible and prevents audio file from audible distortion.


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